We are an Essex based company, and we specialise in living roof projects. We supply; Sedum, Wildflower, bio diverse systems, specialist vegetation, accessories, and different complete roof systems.

We are different from other green roof company’s, because we care about the environment and all of customers who purchase our product. When installing your product we will be at your service if you ring us, and we can help you step by step.We offer everything needed to create your very own perfect living roof habitat.

At Buy A Green Roof we have made everything as simple as possible, so that the science is done for you before your product arrives. This allows you to enjoy installing your DIY Pack. We offer first class customer service, so that your project runs as smooth as possible. We want to make green roofs accessible to everyone, not limiting it just to the commercial market, making it accessible and realistic for the home owner to own a living roof.


The Buy A Green Roof team has had years of experience of installing green roofs. This vital experience has allowed us to develop the best system in the DIY green roof market.On Larger schemes we can offer an install service. You can shop on-line, or call our experienced team of living roof experts.

If you have any questions, we can help try to clarify anything you are unsure about, by simply just emailing us at info@buyagreenroof.co.uk and will have a response from one of our green roof experts as soon as we possibly can.