All in one Sedum System (Module)


The Buy a green roof Sedumtray is a container made of recycled HDPE. The pre-cultivated trays comprise ten to twelve different
species of Sedum. The Sedum plants grow on a special substrate developed by our experts. The Buy a green roof Sedumtray boasts at least 95% coverage upon delivery. The sebaceous Sedum plants are adept at storing water in their leaves
and are therefore extremely suitable for varying weather conditions.The Buy a green roof Sedumtray is a ready-to-use tray that
can be applied directly on the roof for an instant green result. This tray is applicable on flat and slightly sloping surfaces of up to 25 degrees.

Each tray measures 45 x 49,5 cm.

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Techinal specs
Coverage: 95%

Weight when dry: 8 kg/tray 35 kg/m2

Saturated weight: 11
kg/tray 48 kg/m2

Standard size: 45
x 49,5 cm

Number of trays / m2: 4,4


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