Brown/Bio Diverse Roof

Brown roof
A brown roof comprises of a layer of drainage board with filter fleece stuck on top (for convenience when installing) first on top of the existing waterproofing layer and then on top of that is a layer of our specially designed growing medium mixed and blended to perfection to help contribute to encouraging local colonisation.

They will usually have a depth of between 80 and 150mm (varying when biodiverse) to provide habitats for rare insects and birds.

You have the option of adding sedum and wildflower plugs to a brown roof and the depth of substrate will support all root systems.

Log and sand piles are also an option which creates more habitats as well as adding visual credentials.

Choosing a brown roof is left bare as it encourages local colonisation, letting all of the Invertebrates, Bugs, Birds, and Bee’s adapt allot quicker to their new home, as it will be very similar to the land around the roof, as it has had an opportunity to become similar to the surrounding environment. If you decide to go with a Brown Roof, you are really giving back to your surrounding environment, contributing to the land lost when new buildings are built on top of previous habitats. Just like it says in the name, the colour of a brown roof to start with is brown. After a while, and after local colonisation has taken place, your brown roof could have a range of different colours growing, as the substrate supports the plant because of its in depth, so it can help most plants grow. If you would like to see more benefits, go to our benefit page!