Intensive/Semi Intensive Roof

Please note that we do not sell this option online, but if you get in contact with us we can help you.

Intensive and Semi Intensive roof gardens

A intensive roof is often referred to as a roof garden. Designed primarily for recreational use, intensive roofs are typically configured with 200 mm+ of substrate, and often require regular maintenance and irrigation .Intensive roof gardens look fantastic, allowing you to choose what plants you would like, also being able to add when you wish. Usually these roofs are easily accessible.They can sometimes even hold trees and large shrubs, but be careful you will need a strong roof to support all that substrate up there. An intensive roof is more likely to have access for people to walk around on.

A semi intensive roof is different than a intensive roof as it is recommended not to walk around on it. It hasn’t got as much substrate making it lighter, but still has exotic plants on top. This type is still heavier than all the other types of green roof, but not as heavy as a normal intensive roof.

These roofs are also known as gardens, because they can be used for walking around on. Some intensive roofs have benches, trees, and paving. This type of roof will require bespoke design and careful install, so we highly recommended that if you are deciding to go with this roof type please let us know, and we can work together to correctly build your roof garden.

When deciding to go with this green roof option, please do take in to account that it will be very heavy, and make sure that your roof can take the weight.