Sedum Roof

A sedum roof is a low maintenance light weight roof. It comprises of a layer of drainage board, filter fleece, a layer of substrate, usually 50mm deep and one of the following.

  • Blankets – Our blankets are mature mats that contain 14 different types of sedum. They are grown in harsh mountainside conditions which make them robust and hardy for the conditions on a typical rooftop. Each blanket is 1.5m x 1m in size and offers instant coverage to an area.
  • Seeds – A variety of sedum seeds are sown directly into the substrate at a rate of 0.5g per m2 and they will take a few months to establish. We always account for birds feeding on your seeds so always supply enough to make sure you have enough to ensure they grow.
  • Plugs – Plugs are small sedum plants that we recommend are planted at a rate of 20-25 per m2 directly into the substrate. We use a mixture of species and would expect the plants to develop in only a few weeks and begin to spread within a few months.

Our Sedum is grown on harsh mountainside conditions which makes it robust and hardy for the conditions on a typical rooftop. Sedum colours change from a lush green and pink colour in the summer, and in the winter it turns to a darker green colour, making sure there is a colour all year round.

A Sedum roof comes with all the benefits of any green roof, if you would like to read about the benefits, please go to our benefit page.

As with all of our clients we will work with you to cater for your needs and meet your requirements, also providing you with a detailed installation and maintenance pack to ensure you know how to care for your roof.