Specialist Blankets

If you was to decide to go with a Sedum and Herb vegetation finish, you will have a low maintenance light weight vegetation, which produces a lush green, yellow, and pink colour in the summer and a darker green in the winter, making sure that the vegetation looks good all year round.

Our Sedum and Herb Blanket rolls out like a carpet to make it as convenient as possible when Installing on top of the substrate.

A advantage of a Sedum and herb blanket is that because you have more variations of plants you will attract different species create and larger habitat.

Our Sedum and Herb was specially mixed when firstly grown, so that when it comes to you as a blanket, it has a variation of colours spread evenly around the blanket, creating a beautiful looking finish.

If you would like to look at prices and technical information on the product please go to our shop then go to specialist blankets then Sedum and Herb.

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