Wildflower Roof

If you was to choose a wildflower roof you would get a natural looking roof with over 50 different species. It comprises of a layer of drainage board, filter fleece, a layer of substrate, usually 100mm deep to sustain the complex root systems and one of the following.

  • Plugs – planted at a rate of 15-20 per m2 with a mixed variety of plants and grasses, they will take a few months to establish but our knowledge and our special selection of species will continue to flower throughout the year.
  • Blankets – They are grown to maturity and are 1.5 x 1m in size. Each mat contains up to 50 different species of wildflower and grasses and will provide instant coverage. They will establish quickly, attracting both bees and rare birds.

A wildflower roof is a natural looking roof with over 50 different species meaning that the more species there are the more invertebrates, insects, birds, and bees, will be able to create a habitat on your roof and live harmoniously.

A Wildflower roof comes with all the benefits of any green roof, if you would like to read about the benefits, please go to our benefit page.

As with all of our clients we will work with you to cater for your needs and meet your requirements, also providing you with a detailed installation and maintenance pack to ensure you know how to care for your roof.