A Guide To Install

How do I install my green roof?

Installing your Buy A Green Roof product  is easy and straight foward.
Please see below our 7 easy to follow steps:

The steps to install

  1. Make Sure your watertight roof is clear and clean of any debris.
  2. If you have purchased our Aluminium Trim, place it carefully around the perimeter of the roof. Bend if necessary by cutting a slit on the button of the trim, and bend to fit the corner.
  3. Lay out the drainage board with filter fleece facing up. Make sure you overlap the drainage board slightly.Cut the drainage board to fit the area of your roof. Also cut around any protrusions such as sky lights, vents, etc.
  4. Place the bags of substrate on the roof and cut open. Spread the bags out evenly around the area of your roof.
  5. Bring your vegetation choice up to the roof. Lay it out next to each other to go over the substrate. Cut to fit around any protrusions.
  6. If you have purchased cobbles, then place them around the perimeter of the roof, and around any objects like skylights. Place them on the outside of the trim if you have purchased it, and before the parapet wall.
  7. Water the roof in generously.


A full install guide is issued on delivery

If you have any questions while installing, you can contact one of our trained team members on the phone!