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How it Works

Our carefully selected, fully grown, and vigorously scientifically tested vegetation layer, helps supports all the species ranging from bees to invertebrates. not forgetting all of the endangered and vulnerable animals that thrive on our roof top. The top layer can range from different types of plug plants and blankets that roll out like turf. A green roof doesn’t just hold up to on average 82 % of rainfall, (compared to 27 % on pure gravel rooftop), it acts as an extra insulation layer saving you money on heating.


Substrate is the most important part of a green roof. Our substrate has been carefully designed for each plant type. It provides enough nutrients, and holds enough water to keep our vegetation layer looking in amazing condition all year round. Substrate design is a science, and we here at Buy a green roof have cracked it. We have the best substrate on the market, this is key, as is the most important part of the roof design.

The filter layers are very important in a green roof system.They hold the vital nutrients within the system, and stop it from being washed away by the rain. This is a vitamin for the roof, so it is essential to keep it up there. Our drainage layer, complements the roof and enables any excess water to drain freely. The drainage layer will hold a reserve of water in cups, when there are drier periods the roots will draw the water up and use it. The water is not wasted when it rains on the roof it’s reused.

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