Maintaining your roof

First four weeks:

  • Ensure that upon installation the roof is watered thoroughly, to help the system ‘take’ after it has been delivered and installed.
  • We advise that it is watered on a regular basis to help the root systems establish. It is a living plant, so like any living plant it will need extra care for the first four weeks, so that it can survive in its new home.

After four weeks:

  • Weed your roof a couple of times a year as you would a garden. As it is the same as a normal plant, the wind and birds will drop seeds of unwanted plants on to your roof, and all you simply have to do, is pull up the undesired plants and dispose them.
  • In times of prolonged dry weather it is advised to water your roof regularly to avoid the plants drying out and dying. Every plant needs water to survive, so if there is a season of no rainfall, they will need a little sprinkling so that they stay healthy and looking amazing.
  • If you have a wildflower roof it will require biannual trimming and beheading.

A detailed maintenance leaflet will be enclosed with each order. Green Roof maintenance is as easy as it sounds above.

If you have any problems with maintenance once you have purchased your roof, please just email us at, and we will answer your questions as soon as we can.